Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Two Pierce County Deputies In Critical Condition After Another Police Shooting – (Updated)

From Seattle Crime.com

By Jonah Spangenthal-Lee

The Pierce County Sheriff's office says two deputies responded to an Eatonville home shortly before 9:00 p.m. to deal with an "unwanted guest." Police say they received a call about two brother fighting in the home. Police say after deputies were invited into the home, David E. Crable went upstairs, grabbed a gun, and opened fire on the deputies. Both of the deputies were seriously injured, but were able to return fire, killing Crable.

One deputy was taken to Harborview, and the other was flown to an army hospital. Both deputies are reportedly in critical condition.

According to Pierce County court records, Crable has previous convictions for assault and malicious mischief, and was named in at least one domestic violence protection order.

Police have released a photo of Crable:

This makes at least 8 cops in the last two months. Unbelievable.


I am truly nauseous just thinking about this.  It has to stop!

This one at first blush looks again like the perp intended to ambush Pierce County Sherriff Deputies when the responded to the domestic call.  Thank God the officers were able to terminate with extreme prejudice this bucket of night soil (didn’t want to be too crass).  This extreme violence against the men and women of our police forces HAS to stop.  Anyone who doesn’t get it that each traffic stop could be a shootout, each domestic call carries with it the volatility to explode into violence like this – in fact, many cops view domestic violence calls as the most volatile and dangerous police call.    This is making me feel sick.  How do we put an end to this disturbing trend?




The statements from the Pierce County Sherriff have been speaking of it in terms of an ambush. The man who shot the deputies was indeed the homeowner's brother. He had been the subject of the call to 911. Everyone in the house was very cooperative and the brother apparently agreed that since he was hammered he's let the deputies drive him to his own home. He went upstairs to get a jacket, returned concealing a firearm and then opened fire on the deputies from 4-6 feet away. He fired ten shots in rapid sequence. Crabbe was shot and killed when deputies returned fire.
For our men and women in uniform, sad to say, there is no safe situation right now. Even a cooperative guy can become an ambusher in the blink of an eye.


I think that from what my LE friends have heard, the guy was drunk but very cooperative, acted the Otis part.  He was not being arrested, and was in fact grateful for the ride home that the deputies had offered him.  At least that is what his smiling face and open body language said to the deputies.  It was a tactical error to let the guy go get his coat without accompaniment, no doubt.  I can only speculate that his demeanor, and the fact that he was gladly accepting a ride home rather than charges made the deputies let down their guard for just that moment.  I am hoping against hope that both deputies fully recover and are able to return to duty, and I am glad that albeit in a different way, the deputies gave Cobbe a ride home - straight to hell.

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