Tuesday, March 13, 2012

FDA Approves "Restart" of testing for new class of pain treatments which focus on nerve activity.  The studies were stopped because in some cases, osteoarthritis patients felt so good that they actually overdid it and caused damage to their joints while taking the medications.  these drugs, known as anti-nerve growth factors (anti-NGFs), saying they are needed by many patients suffering from chronic pain.

I have had that feeling several times when I've had my knees injected with cortizone.  The anaesthetic which is injected along with the steriod usually gives me half an hour or so of feeling like my knees are twenty again, even though I know they are an arthritic mess.  I've been able to enjoy the respite from feeling old, sore, and creaky all the time without forgetting that the knees are shot and that I'd better take care even though they feel good for that brief time.  I guarantee like the Men's Wearhouse Founder, that I could manage to feel better all the time without forgetting myself and damaging the joints the anti-NGF's are causing to feel better.  Cross my heart.  Feel free to recruit me for the renewed studies!  


Sunshine on Discovery Bay

Sunshine on Discovery Bay
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