Friday, November 05, 2010

NJ man gets jail for Phillies game vomit-assault - MLB - Yahoo! Sports

Yep.  You read it right.

NJ man gets jail for Phillies game vomit-assault - MLB - Yahoo! Sports

How would someone even think of this?  He was avenging his friend, who had been ejected for spitting on the same family. 

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Be Grateful for what One has…

By Derek Andrews

Imagine this scenario.

There are thirty-three of you. All miners, probably all male. And you are trapped after a tunnel collapse in your copper-mine. Your mine in the South American country of Chile.

Normally, and sadly, you would not survive despite frantic attempts by hundreds of people to rescue you, with many millions more praying and holding you in their thoughts.

This is different.

After 18 days rescuers have been able to make contact with you and seen some of your faces on their camera-probe. Those images are shown around the world.There is huge relief that you are all alive and in reasonably good shape. You have air supply from existing air ducts plus some food and fluids. You are in a shelter area the size of a small apartment.

You have been able to pass scribbled notes via the miniature camera-probe, back to the surface. Everyone is cheering and your President is almost in tears. There is no sense of panic and arrangements are being made to pass re-hydration gel tablets, food and basic medicines to you.

But, engineers say that it may take four months to reach you to extricate you and re-unite you with your families.

That's right. FOUR MONTHS. Hopefully you will be out for Christmas.

The moral of this story ?

Be grateful for what you have in life and please keep these brave and probably frightened miners in your thoughts and prayers.


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Accused murderer’s bullet-proof vest had a bullet hole in it.

This is an interesting tidbit from the trial of Michiel Oakes for the murder of Anacortes dog trainer Mark Stover.  Oakes was convicted, despite claiming first that he didn't kill Stover, and then that if he did, it was in self-defense.  

Skagit County's News and Information Source |

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Some cool photos here...



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Sunshine on Discovery Bay

Sunshine on Discovery Bay
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