Saturday, December 26, 2009

'I'm sick like grandpa,' Beacon Hill killer of mother and child wrote (Updated)

This sad, terrible story is a reminder of how the violence and abuse of one generation is often visited on the next.  Most abusers and rapists have a history as sexual abuse victims.  Many times violent criminals have experienced physical assault in their lifetime. 

This sad situation in Seattle’s Beacon Hill neighborhood seems to have repeated a terrible family tragedy.  Earlier this week, Daniel Hicks shot and killed Jennifer Morgan and the couple’s three-month old daughter, Ema Lyn Hicks.  Police recovered more than twenty shell casings at the scene.  Morgan and her child were shot and left to die on Monday – the day Ms. Morgan had told her mother that she was going to ask Hicks to leave the house.  Morgan’s mother discovered the brutal, bloody scene on Tuesday morning.  Hicks left a note to his brother, serving currently in Iraq, saying that he had the same sickness his grandfather had.  In 1983, Hicks' grandfather, Dean Hicks, killed his wife, Lona  Hicks, and then himself.   Thought he couldn’t have memories of the event, Daniel Hicks was an infant at the time.

Hicks has been on the run since the crime was discovered, and there are reports that he called family members collect from the San Jose, CA area.  The family member reported the call. 

Hicks made the decisions, threatened and then killed Jennifer Morgan.  He will bear the cost if apprehended, as the county prosecutor’s office has indicated that they will pursue aggravated first-degree murder charges.

UPDATE 1 (December 29, 2009)

Hicks was arrested without incident yesterday by police in Santa Cruz, CA.  Investigators traced a telephone call he made to a relative to his location in Santa Cruz. 

The Seattle Times is also reporting that Hicks’ Grandfather murdered an adult son as well as his wife before killing himself in 1983.

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