Monday, December 21, 2009

Disappointing Comments from Jim Mora at Seahawks Presser…Leadership Comments from Matt Hasselbeck at the Same Presser

I can’t blame him on the one hand.  Coach Mora that is.  His team is now 5-9, fourteen games into year one of the “Mora Era” in Seattle.  They have lost to good teams, but they’ve increasingly lost to poor teams, too, a trend perhaps hitting its’ nadir Sunday with a home loss to a 1 win Tampa Bay team.  What was disappointing, as shown in the blog link below, was that Mora took every out he could for the abysmal play of a team he looks very much to be losing as the season dribbles to an end.  Mora has gone from a position insisting that the team is thinking playoffs to now saying the team had a chance until Sunday’s loss to double the number of wins from last season.  It took a row of articulated Metro busses and neat lines formed and waiting for a turn at being tossed under the bus.  The head man seemed to be passing the buck to injuries, and a 4 win team last year; even referring to rebuilding after having taken reporters to task before the season for similar thinking.  The post linked below also very insightfully points out that a “true leader” such as Matt Hasselbeck, asks for no cover, and accepts no quarter.  Seeking no one to blame but himself, Hasselbeck said:

"I just feel like I let a lot of people down today," he said. "It's my fault. It's on me and I'll improve."  Not one word about being pounded like a cheap flank steak game after game.  Not one word about having a better completion percentage than last year.  No, this leader simply says, ‘It’s on me, and I’ll get better’.  Read the article for more.

The SunBreak | Sports | Jim Mora Tries to Save His Job with Revisionist History

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