Friday, February 18, 2011

A Cry for Innocence - the WM3

Beginning with the viewing of "Paradise Lost", the HBO documentary film which detailed the murder of three boys in West Memphis, Arkansas, as well as the arrest and trial of three teens in relation to the crimes.  The whole subject is sad and sickening.  The killings themselves, and the subsequent arrest and conviction of three other young men that I simply don't see a single piece of evidence - not one, not even the "confession" of one of the young men - that indicates guilt. 

This link is to the CBS News special examining the case, as well as new information in the case.  It's worth watching.  I can also recommend the definitive resource on the case, this website:

The documentary can be found at:

CBS News presentation on the WM3, as well as new evidence

Now just one more comment about this case:  Not only do I believe that these three young men did not commit the crimes, but I am truly frightened by the fact that a man could be sent to death row without a single bit of evidence.  If it can happen to him...

I hope you'll watch the video, check out the website, and truthfully, I hope that some of you will offer your support in whatever way you can (I have chosen to post this blog entry where thirty-five thousand readers will have the chance to access information and perhaps start down the road of becoming informed, a road that I can only believe to end at new trials and acquittals.

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Anonymous said...

I remember watching this when it first came on. I could not believe that these guys were put in jail.

It seems to me that everyone involved in this case (police, prosecuting attorneys, judge & etc. May be the ones that have the functioning capacity of a five year old!!


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