Thursday, February 17, 2011

Cairo Teen Finds Looted Pharaoh Akhenaton Statue

Thank heavens they've returned at least one looted ancient treasure to the Museum.  Hard to imagine laying your hands on a statue more than 3,000 years old, ripping it from its' base in the national museum, and then throwing it like garbage into a trash bin.

I wonder what would have become of the statue had not the 14 year old nephew of a professor found it and brought it to his uncle, who then made sure it was returned to the museum.

I have been struck still and silent many times in my life, when I stood in a place where history I knew had occurred.  I can't imagine taking a priceless and irreplaceable statue like this. 

I know people are starving, but I can't see that destroying or trashing this rare statue in a rare style will feed a single soul.

Cairo Teen Finds Looted Pharaoh Akhenaton Statue#

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