Sunday, August 29, 2010

Weird Words in English

by Derek Andrews

This is knowledge of the type I can virtually guarantee neither you, I or any of our countrymen and women will EVER need. But it is informative !!!

Q: What is a Rumbelow ?

A: Well Donald Rumbelow is a British Crime Historian who is a Jack the Ripper expert, having written books about him and

     who also leads walking tours of the Ripper haunts in Whitechapel.

But perhaps even he doesn't realise that rumbelow is also a meaningless combination of syllables serving as a song or refrain sung by sailors while rowing a boat eg: Heave Ho or Hey-Ho. (14th century).


Having whetted your appetite for learning potential Scrabble point-scorers, have a go at this lot of never to be heard of again English words.

And no cheating !!!


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Sunshine on Discovery Bay
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