Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Nicholas Francisco Not Dead, Merely a Jerk

Just less than two years ago, Nicholas Francisco left work and was never heard from again.  Well, not never.  After a huge search and missing person campaign, along with a police investigation which looked into any possibility of foul play, there was no sign of Francisco.  His wife at the time was pregnant and was left with two children she’d already had with her husband.

Word today from the King County Sherriff indicates that Francisco simply abandoned his pregnant wife and children, and allowed a search to be conducted because he wished to leave.  His wife has since divorced him, though she was subjected to theories that she had murdered her husband throughout his absence.  The Sherriff’s office didn’t indicate where he was living but some sources have made it known he is living in California.  He broke no laws in Washington and thus, is free to keep his new identity.  One can only hope that the man is tagged for support for his three children. 

I saw the signs all throughout my neighborhood for months, as it was the neighborhood from which Francisco had disappeared after work.  I wondered what had happened, and felt a bit guilty for thinking that it was really unusual for an adult male to be taken against his will by a predator.  I know now I didn’t need to feel guilty, and I wasn’t merely cynical.

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Sunshine on Discovery Bay
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