Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Ballistics, Touch DNA and Plans to Kill More

Suspected murderer Christopher John Monfort intended to kill more than one officer, and has been connected by ballistics, DNA and materials used in making bombs to both the fire bombing at the Seattle Police Maintenance Lot and the murder/assault of Officer Tim Brenton and Britt Sweeny.  Monfort’s DNA was found on both a small American flag left at the scene of the arson, as well as on a flag bandana left at the scene of the shootings.  The Datsun B210 found near Montfort’s apartment had a bullet from Officer Britt Sweeny’s weapon embedded within the body.  A .223 rifle found in Monfort’s apartment matched exactly the rounds fired at Brenton and Sweeny.  It is believed that the prosecution is preparing aggravated first degree murder charges, in addition to others related to the assault and bombing.  First degree murder with aggravating circumstances opens the door to the death penalty under Washington State law.  If it isn’t used in this case I can’t think of a case which would merit the ultimate penalty.

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Sunshine on Discovery Bay

Sunshine on Discovery Bay
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