Friday, October 31, 2008

Poll Volatility and Undecided Voters: More Uncommitted Voters than Usual?

Why is there so much disparity between the polls this year?  Some have sought to explain it with methodology, and I believe that to be a big part of the reason.  What else could be driving as much as ten points difference from one poll to another?  There has been some discussion between various pollsters that the financial crisis may have delayed many people in making a firm choice in the race for president.  The proportion of undecided voters has remained fairly steady over the past few weeks, yet the numbers for each candidate has moved up and down by fairly large numbers.  Some have said that there is a larger pool than normal of voters that are leaning and express a preference, but are not firmly committed to a candidate.    In this scenario, perhaps seven or eight percent of voters will reach their conclusion over the weekend and Monday.  If this means that as many as six percent will decide over the weekend, and possibly two or three percent of each candidate's supporters may re-evaluate their choice, then the curve of potential outcomes can include a McCain victory as well as a ten point Obama win.

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Sunshine on Discovery Bay

Sunshine on Discovery Bay
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