Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Your Daily Aspirin May Help Prevent Cancer as Well as Protect Your Heart

This, and a second study published in the Lancet, indicate that patients may see up to a 25% reduction in cancer risk, and as much as a 37% lower death rate from cancers over five years than patients not on an aspirin regimen.  It is worth a thought, though it is wise to research a bit before hopping on the aspirin train.  First, otherwise healthy people may not see the benefits and in that case the side effects possible may not be worth risking.  Second, make sure that your doctor has you on the right aspirin dosage for preventative efficacy.  Just like many other meds, aspirin dose for heart and cancer benefits needs to be calculated based on body weight, so an 80 or 85mg child's aspirin may not provide the benefit you are looking for.  For many people, 160-170mg. of aspirin per day are required to get the therapeutic benefits associated with low-dose aspirin.

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Sunshine on Discovery Bay
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