Sunday, February 27, 2011

Cool or Fool? Is this a cool tat or a FAIL?

This seems like a better Seattle tattoo, than, say, San Diego.  You generally want cloudy days and layered shirts over this one, am I right?  Take it to the beach, lose the shirts, and well, then you're not even the guy who brought a knife to a gunfight.  You're the guy that brought a tat of a gun...

Funny Tattoo Pictures 2009

Maybe he has a silencer on it?  And then there would be flying.  Can you just hear the conversation with TSA as they lube a glove in the "special screening" area...

"Do you have any weapons, needles, anything I should know about?"

"Ummm..."   Here's the part where the tat begins to cause our friend to question his the time it seemed so cool to use a pictogram to let everybody know he's packin'!  For his sake I hope he's ugly, or the poor guy with the misguided tat might never get out of that special screening area!

I could never be this cool. Even when I carried a triple safety 45 like he seems to, I just never felt comfortable with carrying where this feller carries his "statement".  I'd be nervous all the time that I might have an accidental discharge in a place you really don't even want contemplate.  Then again, we can't see everything, so maybe he's integrated the bits I'd be a-stressin' over - like with the silencer and a couple of spare clips...

Well, enough of this silliness.  Though if any of you know this guy ask him if it is a Colt or a Springfield Arms version.  And hey:  if he chunks up and becomes the unfortunate pear-shape, does this tat just stretch into a


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