Wednesday, September 15, 2010

What to make of Seahawks' opener - NFC West Blog - ESPN

This blog by Mike Sando of ESPN nailed several things, in my opinion, that were keys to the Seahawks drubbing of the 49ers.  The biggest concern I had going into the game was pass protection.  I thought that with Okung out, and the sudden resignation of the O line coach, Matt might be injured or at least a sack puppet.  What happened was far different.  The line held up, the receivers did a great job, and Hasselbeck was all the things he is: A PRO-BOWL quarterback who has been pounded, rushed, hit, hurried and unable to throw a route that took longer than one second to develop, check down to any further read than perhaps number two in his progressions. 

I saw very good offense, very good defense, resilience and toughness when pressed.  I saw a very good set of coaches adapt during the game, keep the team believing in what they were doing.  Mike Singletary is a powerful NFL figure and in this case I thought he lost his team when the pig stuff started to fly.  It made Pete Carroll’s feat of keeping his team on the rails just that much more impressive.   

What to make of Seahawks' opener - NFC West Blog – ESPN

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Sunshine on Discovery Bay
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