Friday, August 27, 2010

A Blog Guest Author with a UK perspective

I’ve often thought it might be fun to have the occasional guest blogger here, and the first person I thought of is Derek Andrews.  I am so pleased that he has done me the honor of writing a few pieces for the Bully Pulpit.

Over the past couple of years I have come to really enjoy reading the posts online of a good friend I’ve come to know through the internet alone.  Since I enjoy his writing style, very eclectic and often similar topical interests to my own, I asked him to write some items for the Bully Pulpit.  He submitted several, which you can easily find by clicking on his name in the Quick Links column.  Here is the bio Derek offers as a brief introduction, along with several blog posts I’ll be adding today, to give us a quick introduction to Derek Andrews:

  • Born December 1945 in England.

  • Married to an American

  • Lived and worked in the U.S. for five years. (Based in Kansas City, MO but visited every Lower 48 state, except Maine.)

  • Has been lucky enough to have travelled extensively worldwide.

  • Son and daughter from first marriage (39 and 41)

  • Occupation: Retired

  • Working life: (UK) Insurance Industry  (25 years)

                     (UK) Driving Instructor    (11 years)

                     (USA) Professional Delivery Driver (5 years)

  • Interests: Travel,Current Affairs,Photography, most sports (particularly Soccer, Motor Sport and Tennis), Writing, Military History, True Crime,Carpentry and much more.

  • Manchester United supporter since age 11.

  • Part-owner of a cat called Moongazer.                  

Derek has become a good friend over the past couple of years, though we’ve never met in person.  I do hope someday to meet him personally – either in Northampton or somewhere in the US.   I thank him for his interesting submissions! 


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