Monday, January 18, 2010

Mariners Close to Signing Washburn?

I’ve now heard it at least three times that the M’s and Jarrod Washburn are working at inking a deal that would bring him back to Seattle.  The work he did on new pitches before last season, plus  an even better defense behind him would make the deal make sense to me.  I’d love to have

1. Hernandez

2. Lee

3. Washburn

4. Rowland-Smith

5. Fister

(Or the best-performing guy from Spring Training – Snell, French, Vargas or Olson)?

The recent addition of League should mean that Lowe doesn’t have to make so many appearances and Aardsma doesn’t go more than one inning.  White, Kelly, and some mix of Snell, French Vargas, Olson give me a confident feeling about both the starting lineup AND the bullpen – long and short. 

With the off-season moves to add good to great gloves, and also pick up some solid hitting, I am telling myself to calm down and not get too much expectation  piled up so early.  I even feel cautiously optimistic about Milton Bradley because A) Junior will be in the same clubhouse, and B) if he wants a roster spot anywhere he needs to straighten up and fly right.  And C), since he was basically a way to get hitting potential who might bloom in a new environment while allowing the M’s to offload the bloated Silva.  That is, the bloated Silva contract. 

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