Sunday, December 13, 2009

NFL GameTracker - Seahawks at Houston

I was looking forward hopefully to the Seahawks game against the Texans today.  Wins on the road have been hard to come by the last two years, but I was hopeful that the progress we’ve seen over the past two games would continue.  Not so much.  The Texans peeled off a nice 64 yard pass for a touchdown to start, then after a Seattle three and out, they popped a nice little drive for a field goal.  Another Seattle three and out and the Texans drove easily for another score.  Seahawks three and out and Houston has the ball back with 0:48 to go in the first quarter.  The defense is in total disarray, and the offense looks like they’ve never played together before.  I can’t watch this, so I have ceded control of the remote to my eight year old, and now it is iCarly on the TV, and I am following the other NFL games online.  End of first quarter:  17-0 Texans.  Opening the second quarter the Texans are driving already, from their thirty-five to another touchdown in five plays.  24-0 Texans, with 12:58 to go in the 2nd.   Blecccchhhh!!!!  Oh, and Hasselback was nailed hard three times on the next aborted drive, fumbling twice for his third fumble.  Ryan punts and pins Houston on their own 3.  Texas ball.

Update 1:  Seahawks manage one TD drive.  Matt Schaub  has nearly 350 yards passing in the first half!  The O line just plain sucks.  Really sucks.  Hard to watch sucks.

Update 2:  Hasselbeck throws an out to the Texas cornerback and BOOM!  34-7.  Hawks drive to the Texans ten before giving the ball back on a fourth down play.  Houshmanzadeh didn’t even jump for the damn thing…then he gets an offensive pass interference.  It sucks how inconsistent the Hawks are.  Now Ray Willis gets his second false start, effectively killing a drive that reached the Houston ten with a first down.  Ray Willis jumps offside   for the third time,  Now at 4th and 16 they go for it.  Hasselbeck has no time and though he completes one to Forsett, it is nowhere close to a first.  I’m  off to eat sushi with the kids.  this is too painful to watch any more. 

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