Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Mike Holmgren Won’t Be Rejoining Seahawks

If Mike Holmgren is using the Cleveland Browns to build urgency for the Seattle Seahawks and other teams who may have some interest in giving him the reins to their football operations, he is really spending a lot of time in that effort.  Meeting for the second time with Browns owner Randy Lerner, Holmgren is spending a lot of time talking about the GM role in Cleveland for a guy merely building a market and urgency for himself.  It will certainly cause ripples of unhappiness in the Seattle Seahawk fan base if the franchise doesn’t at least speak with Holmgren, so the next week or two should be pretty interesting.  The main issue in Seattle could be that Mike wants to coach and be GM, and wouldn’t feel very good about dumping Jim Mora after one season.  In Cleveland, there is a similar situation with Eric Mangini, but it is dissimilar as well  since Holmgren spent a year with Mora tapped as his successor before he resigned, and I think he’d be reticent to make a coaching change after one or two seasons  for a coach who inherited a 4 win team from Holmgren himself.  Cleveland has been bad for years and I doubt it would be too difficult for The Show to make whatever changes he felt necessary to turn the franchise around. 

I do hope the Hawks talk to him at the least. 

Update:  I guess they did talk yesterday and Holmgren declined to rejoin the team in the structure proposed by CEO Todd Liewicki.  I’m sure we’ll hear more about what was offered soon.

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