Monday, December 28, 2009

I Think I Like the M’s Trade of Morrow for League

I’ve not even seen Brandon League pitch once that I can recall, but he seems a great fit for the Mariners team as it is shaping up for next year.  He gets a ton of ground balls – something he’ll be rewarded for by both a great defensive club and a pitcher-friendly Safeco Field.  With the addition of Cliff Lee, it appears that the bullpen won’t have to eat so many innings, but League should be able to do a nice job setting up for Aardsma as well.  Add in the Blue Jays Minor League Player of the  year, and the trade makes good sense.  I believe Brandon Morrow will become  successful pitcher, but this trade gives the Mariners a couple of pieces of the puzzle, and Morrow a fresh start – which I really think he deserves.  I have lots of criticisms of Bavasi  and his handling of players, but Morrow was rushed into the closer role before ready, then had to learn his third and fourth pitches, build confidence in them in the majors, where you can’t ‘practice’ them.  I hope he flourishes in Toronto, and that Seattle gets tons of later inning grounders for double-plays from League.  And in some future time, maybe the Blue Jays’ minor league player of the year may give the M’s a bat and outfielder they sorely need. 

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Sunshine on Discovery Bay

Sunshine on Discovery Bay
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