Thursday, November 12, 2009

Seattle Prosecutor Enumerates Five Charges Against Accused Cop-killer

In a press conference held just blocks from where Christopher John Monfort remains hospitalized in serious but stable condition at Harborview Medical Center, the trauma center for the Seattle area, King County Prosecutor Dan Satterberg enumerated five charges he expects to bring against Monfort.  “The death penalty is reserved for the worst of the worst.  Killing a police officer falls within my definition of the worst of the worst crimes.” Satterberg said.  The charges are aggravated first degree  murder, three counts of attempted murder – for the attempt on the life of Officer Britt Sweeny, the try at killing officers responding to the first fire bomb by detonating a second bomb, and for the incident when detectives approached him to question him and he responded by drawing a pistol and pulling the trigger.  He had forgotten to charge the chamber in his sixteen shot Glock, and only that prevented Homicide Detective Sergeant Gary Nelson from being shot in the face.  The final charge will be for arson at the maintenance yard.

At this point the prosecutor will be delayed in making a determination if Monfort is eligible for the death penalty.  An evaluation of mental state will need to be completed and Monfort’s recuperation will need to progress before an arraignment can take place.  It may well be next spring before the death penalty determination is made.

According to’s Brian Slodysko, Satterberg also mentioned another item found in Monfort’s apartment, in addition to the bombs, fire bombs, bobby traps, rifles and handguns:  child pornography.  I missed that tidbit.  I didn't think I could like the accused less, but of course I could and can.  I wonder if his mother will say that the police planted it?  Like they fire bombed their own command vehicle and squad cars, nearly killing officers and then planted in Monfort’s apartment bomb-making materials linked to the maintenance yard arson? 

Documents included in the filing of charges contained the full text of the letter left at the maintenance yard fire bombing:

“October 22nd is the 14th National day of protest to stop police brutality. These Deaths are dedicated to Deputy Travis Bruner, he stood by and did nothing, as Deputy Paul Schene Brutally beat and Unarmed 14 year old Girl in their care. You Swear a Solemn Oath to Protect US from All Harm, That includes You ! Start policing each other or get ready to attend a lot of police funerals.

We Pay your bills.

You Work for us.”

According to Satterberg, and clearly shown by the photographs of Monfort’s apartment, the accused murderer had made his home into a bunker from which he could make a stand should police identify him.  Satterberg referred to Monfort as a “one man war” in the making, had he not been apprehended.




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