Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Monfort Motivations Continue to be Unclear

It is plain as can be that Christopher Monfort developed a deep rage against police officers.  It is just as plain that he wanted to participate in a career within the justice system and even as a police officer himself, during his student years.  There was a militant aspect to Monfort’s writings, and his beliefs about the justice system seem to have evolved (or devolved as it were) into something angry and enraged.  In the last two or three days several sources have mentioned what police have called a “manifesto”.  This document, left amid the handguns, rifles, booby-traps and improvised bombs which police found when they entered Monfort’s apartment, is said to be lengthy and to rail against the police, and Monfort’s views that the police are brutal and unfair in treatment of minorities.  Monfort’s motivation clearly included the rage that built for whatever reason against police, but what remains unclear is what drove him to such a drastic escalation in the past few weeks. 

One neighbor said that he’d spoken with Monfort about a month before the shooting and Monfort had asked the man about what it took to be an electrician, as his job as a security guard was not going well.  About two weeks later the same man found two uniform shirts for a security company wadded up and in the trash of the apartment complex laundry.  The man took them, not putting them together with Monfort.  This was shortly after he had received a $550 citation for driving without insurance.  Speculation around Monfort’s motivations is a stew of longer-standing beliefs about the basic fairness of police and the judicial system, a recent incidence of police brutality by a King County Sherriff’s Deputy (now being prosecuted), Monfort’s personal demons (those that kept him from forming close relationships, perhaps made him feel he wasn’t given the proper standing in the community), difficulties at work, and who knows what else.  As I mentioned on Friday night, it is amazing how closely Monfort fits the profile police developed – days before there was a suspect.

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