Monday, September 21, 2009

OMG Moment Number 631

Don't know if you ever read the FML (F*** my Life! FML link) website but sometimes it cracks me up.  Now I know that some of you might not believe this one could happen, but let me assure you that it could.  According to one poster at the site:

"Today, my girlfriend of a year broke up with me because I didn't fight some guy that started hitting her right in front of me... In a dream. She was totally serious. FML"

I can vouch for the story not being too unbelievable because I once had an employee who quit suddenly.  I asked why, and she replied, "You were really mean to me."  Surprised, and because I hardly ever had contact with her, I asked her when my meanness had occurred.  "In my dream."  I started to laugh, but she didn't.  "You're quitting because I was mean to you in a dream?"  I thought about it just in time to stop myself from explaining how crazy that is, because it occurred to me: ‘do I really want this mental giant doing client work’?  The kicker was that she went to her psychic after the dream and the psychic affirmed her decision because it would be best for her to find a new dream boss who wouldn't be mean to her.  True story.  I nearly had a car wreck laughing about it.

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Sunshine on Discovery Bay

Sunshine on Discovery Bay
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