Saturday, August 29, 2009

Coach Mora Improves in Fulfilling His Destiny and Restoring Balance to the Offense

Seahawks 14   Chiefs  10

Forgive the undertones of Anakin Skywalker and balancing the Force, but don’t you think that Coach Mora’s task this year – transforming a team that has been pass first for Mike Holmgren’s entire tenure, and more so last season than any prior years, into the kind of punishing and reliable ground assault he ran in Atlanta.  The Seahawks haven't been reliable at running the ball since 2006, and last year’s squad was nearly pitiful.  So, it gives me a  great deal of enthusiasm-building interest to see that Hawks nearly achieve the fabled run-pass balance.  Tonight, in the third pre-season game, Coach Mora got ever so close to balance, running the ball 38 times, and passing just one snap more than that at 39.  Oh, so close.  Who knows what sporting glory will come when Mora achieves his goal, and balance is in the offense?  I think I need to tweet this!

Seahawks at Chiefs Box Score

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Sunshine on Discovery Bay

Sunshine on Discovery Bay
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