Sunday, July 26, 2009

A Bad Economy, Complex Problems, Plummeting Polls

President Bush only had high numbers when the nation was rallying after attack.  President Obama has managed to get less than six months into his first term before his numbers dropped below fifty percent.  I wonder if a President will ever again have high approval for more than a fraction of his term?  Why doesn’t anyone care that Congress has ratings far lower than either President?  Can anyone govern in the polarized polling environment today?  How is anyone supposed to lead when difficult responses to no-win situations are called for?  It doesn’t matter all that much what the response is, there will soon be polls showing that most of us don’t like it.  I can see why kings and emperors often justified themselves as having only one seal of approval- the Divine approval.  Having to lead our society in this time with polls thrice a day and hoards parsing every word to catch one in a faux pas…man, who would WANT to be President now? 

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Sunshine on Discovery Bay

Sunshine on Discovery Bay
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