Saturday, July 07, 2007

Does Anyone Else Think this is Ironic?

Based on the latest Gallup numbers, isn't it at least a little ironic that some members of Congress are talking about impeaching President Bush? That would be the Congress with a LOWER approval rating than the President, in fact, with an all-time low since Gallup began the poll. Not sure what mandate 14% gives you...

I wonder what the approval rating would be for the news media?


According to USA Today, a new Gallup poll has Congress now pulling the lowest approval ratings EVER, with just 14% of Americans having a favorable opinion. That is the all-time low for this poll, which Gallup initiated in 1973.

The previous low point for Congress was 18% in 1991 through 1994.

This all left me wondering if there is ANYONE who would pull down majority favorable numbers? If so, could they hold their popularity for a month under media scrutiny?

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Sunshine on Discovery Bay
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