Thursday, April 19, 2007

Could the Zodiac Killer be Nearing Apprehension?

Could it be that the Zodiac Killer has finally been identified? There is a new suspect, who came to light following the recent discovery of a previously unknown post card. The clues in the message have led investigators to a man fitting the Zodiac in dozens of ways. Could the case be about to break after nearly 40 years? See the details as they happen on the website linked above.

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Michael Burt said...

There continue to be developments in this case, though there is no publicity of any sort now. Suffice to say, that law enforcement and the cybersleuths responsible for developing the new leads continue to work the case. I cannot say when the case will break, but to this point there is nothing to discourage the impression that Zodiac may be closer to apprehension than he has been since October 11, 1969 - the night he spoke with first police responders after murdering Paul Stine in San Francisco. Justice has been delayed thus far, but I am truly hopeful that the long wait for the families of Zodiac's victims may finally be drawing near.

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